The Despatcher ‘Petite’

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  • Made from the highest quality Vegetable tanned harness & crunch leather.
  • On/off the motorcycle in seconds.
  • Includes shoulder strap
  • Includes T-strap  stabilizer to prevent the bag from sliding from the users back.
  • Two universal mounting systems included that will make sure the bag fits on almost all motorcycles.
  • Waterproof lining
  • Zipper pocket and glove/ key holder inside the bag.
  • Laptop / tablet compartment.
  • Rainproof cover.
  • Dimensions L -12 | H – 9 | W – 4 inches.

Back in the days, brave young men atop motorcycles carried with them important messages and couriers alike in small yet rugged bags, traversing through all sorts of terrain and weather. The distance between destinations were not fixed, sometimes a short one and otherwise a longer one too. Albeit, throughout the journey, the objective of the rider was to make sure the artifacts carried was safe. This was also attributed to the quality of the bag it was carried in – rugged, robust and stands the test of time.

Inspired by the daring and brave feat those brave men accomplished, we at Raw and Rugged Co. decided to go behind the concept of developing something that not only served perfectly well for any distance – be in long/short haul, but also carried the same kind of DNA those despatch riders had back in the day. In our research, we realized that the product we needed to build should not only address a common man who drove up and back from home and work, but rather someone who also wanted to explore the otherside, of 09-05’s and widen his/her wings.

With months of design and development put in place and a lot of real-world testing later, we humbly present to you our very first multi- versatile pannier bag – ‘The despatcher. Made from the finest quality top grain vegetable tanned leather and built to last all kinds of abuse that the real world can offer, we’re sure this one belongs to the journeys you take.

Deeply attributed to nature, we have four variants of the bag – Helio, Strato, Terra and Aquo with two sizes to fit all needs – Petite and Grande. The petite addresses those riders that wanted to enjoy a short spin from point A-B but also wanted the comforts of carrying all their belongings along on that trip. The Grande is for the more committed long haulers with more room for added luggage. After quite a lot of practical testing, we’ve come up with a unique mounting system which will let you – the Master of the show – easily get the panniers on and off the motorcycle in seconds!! The panniers come with a lot of additional feathers like jacket holder or even a modularized tool holder that can be added to the bag as an add-on accessory. With the external splash protector that comes as standard with all panniers which are already waterproofed internally, you don’t even need that speck of a worry about a water ingress/damage. The panniers being designed to be practical in all aspects, can also be used as a daily bag thus changing your outlook to the classics with a pinch of that ruggedness! Come experience “The Despatcher” and live life as free as ever bound by the skies above and land below!!

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